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On the set of Euphoria



March 23rd, 2019



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Noah Manginelli Interview - April 10, 2016

Elizabeth Greer, an actress that has perhaps been under our radar starring in films such as ‘Smiley’, soon to be ‘Corbin Nash’ and hit TV show ‘Bates Motel’ in its season 4 premiere. I recently messaged her for the interview when I seen her follow me on Twitter on my personal site , when she agreed, I then proceeded to do the interview for THTT about her experience working on ‘Bates Motel’ and ‘Ray Donovan’, what’s next for her, and if she had any stories to tell from the industry (she did)...


Corbin Nash

Opening in theaters April 24th, 2018

Denver Film Society April 2018

2018: The Thinning New World Order

Television and Film

Elizabeth Greer, (BFA NYU, MFA Yale) has been cast in many guest starring roles including: Bates Motel S4, Ray Donovan, Cold Case, The Shield, My Own Worst Enemy, Charmed, Rendez-View, and West Wing...


Elizabeth Greer's students have been offered admission to the prestigious collegiate theater program of his or her choice and her expertise is even featured on backstage.com...


Elizabeth works regularly in theater in Los Angeles and has appeared in many of the EST-LA festivals, such as Winterfest, Plays du Jour, and fESTivity...